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Group exhibition
Skupinska razstava

Artists Umetnice_ki: Vadim Fishkin, Danilo Milovanović, The Miha Artnak, name:, Stephan Döpner, Aphra Tesla

26/05 - 28/05/2023

The exhibition intertwines two directions of artistic activity, namely the humorous play with technology, which in a way becomes an end in itself, and humorous, performative interventions as an expressive means of responding to current, mainly socio-political realities.

Razstava prepleta dve smeri umetniškega delovanja in sicer humorno preigravanje tehnologije, ki tako na nek način postane sama sebi namen ter humorne, performativne intervencije kot izrazno sredstvo odzivanja na aktualne, predvsem socialno-politične realnosti.

Organisation Organizacija:
Cirkulacija 2

Cirkulacija 2
Podhod Ajdovščina 2
SI—1000 Ljubljana

Circulation 2 is an independent arts initiative founded in 2007. Its main guideline is to serve as a "house of artists" – it is an interdisciplinary, independent art production and presentation space that incorporates artistic techniques that range from the fields of abstract sound, interactivity and algorithms, robotics, media, internet – all necessarily related technological approaches – and explores ever-changing performative approaches. It also works as a producer for different generations of artists, helping them with the technical realisation of their works as required.