Sorry Out of Ideas

Performance without a performer
Performans brez performerja

Authors Avtorja: Mateja Bučar, Vadim Fiškin

25/05 – 30/05/2023

“The mind perceives ideas as the eye does light: the idea is still struggling into existence, yet its shadow has been there for some time.”

The choreographed shadows of the dancers projected onto the walls of the room appear and disappear as they move across the surface in a way that seems both uncontrolled and fluid, all the time maintaining a state of contemplation, anticipation, uncertainty, and perhaps even contentment.

“Mišljenje zaznava ideje nekako tako, kot oko zaznava svetlobo; ko se ideja prebija do svojega obstoja, je njena senca že nekaj časa tam.”

V prostoru so koreografirane sence plesalcev projicirane na stene prostora; pojavljajo se in izginjajo ter nekako nekontrolirano in tekoče križarijo po stenah. Vzdržujejo stanje razmišljanja, predvidevanja, čakanja in celo zadovoljstva…?

Organisation Organizacija:
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Project Specific 

DUM Association of Artists was founded in 1999 by the artists Mateja Bučar and Vadim Fishkin. Since then, DUM has been working as a project space and as an international producer of contemporary art. It is dedicated to the presentation, support and reflection of various fields of contemporary art, from performing and visual arts to contemporary dance and art theory and criticism. DUM project space is dedicated to practices deeply rooted in the tradition of conceptualism as well as to artistic research that seeks to transcend the boundaries of genres and fields.