Noemi Veberič Levovnik: Whacky Self and Clown: Streetwear Art Multiples for Messy People Whacky Self in Klovn: Streetwear multipli za neurejene ljudi [MADE IN CHINA]

Solo exhibition
Samostojna razstava

10/05 – 28/05/2023

GalerijaGallery and MADE IN CHINA present the release of new clothing multiples by artist Noemi Veberič Levovnik. Through the medium of streetwear clothing, the artist interweaves the aesthetic influences of graffiti, rap culture and fashion of the 1980s and 1990s with performance, video, drawing, poetry and printmaking. Characteristic of the project are the figure of the Clown, which emerged from the first collaboration with the gallery in 2020, and the Whacky Self manifesto, a call for playful rebellion. There will also be performance events with the Clown during Ljubljana Art Weekend.

GalerijaGallery in MADE IN CHINA predstavljata izid novih oblačilnih multiplov umetnice Noemi Veberič Levovnik. Skozi medij streetwear oblačil umetnica prepleta estetske vplive grafitov, rap kulture, mode osemdesetih in devetdesetih, s performansom, videom, risbo, poezijo in grafiko. Projekt zaznamuje lik Klovna, ki se je rodil ob prvem sodelovanju z galerijo v 2020, ter Whacky Self manifesto, poziv k igrivemu uporu. Tekom Art Weekenda bodo potekali tudi performativni dogodki s Klovnom.

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GalerijaGallery is the first gallery space of the Made in China project. It is located on the 6th floor of the municipal building at Trg prekomorskih brigad 1 in the Šiška district. GalerijaGallery is a space for the sale of multiples and a place for small-scale, well-considered exhibitions by artists. GalerijaGallery promotes art as an important social practice and aims to become a place of encounter and dialogue around artworks and art.