Terminal Drift
Terminalni zdrs

Artists Umetnice_ki: Maks Bricelj, Samra Buljić, Vid Koprivšek, Farah Sara Kurnik, Ema Maznik Antić, Matej Mihevc

24/05 – 24/06/2022

In the immediate vicinity of the lab of the Museum of Transitory Art, measurements from weather stations have disclosed inexplicable deviations and a local temperature of about 1°C lower. Recently, restrictions on movement have also been imposed around the area, while unusual objects have appeared in the area that appear as if they are trying to record, quantify and map this inexplicable event; a kind of portal, map, cargo…

V neposredni bližini laboratorija Muzeja tranzitornih umetnosti so meritve vremenskih postaj pokazale nepojasnljiva odstopanja in okrog 1 °C nižjo lokalno temperaturo. Gibanje okoli prostora je bilo nedavno omejeno, v njem pa so se pojavili nenavadni objekti, ki delujejo, kot da skušajo beležiti, kvantificirati in kartirati ta nepojasnjeni dogodek: nekakšen portal, zemljevid, tovor …

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MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform engaged in the exploration, production and presentation of transitory, experimental and live art forms. MoTA is a museum without a permanent collection or permanent space in various locations and contexts in temporary physical and virtual spaces. MoTA LAB is a working laboratory and occasional venue for live events, workshops, social events and exhibitions. It is a project space with a focus on sound, kinetic, light and time-based works. As a temporary museum space, it is home to the MoTa ArteFacts collection.