My Familiar Unfamiliar: Nevena Aleksovski & Maja Babič Košir
I dreamed there was an island

10/05 – 30/06/2022

RAVNIKAR GALLERY hosts Maja Babič Košir and Nevena Aleksovski, who are taking part in a multi-faceted and multi-media art experiment. The two painters, sculptors and illustrators with related minimalist and intuitive visual expressions, seek common ground in their first joint project through a specific visual dialogue, exploring issues of personal and collective identity, their compatibility, experiences of nostalgia, (lack of) belonging and alienation, and ultimately how the issues discussed shape their artistic practices.

V RAVNIKAR GALLERY bosta v večplastnem in večmedijskem umetniškem eksperimentu sodelovali Maja Babič Košir in Nevena Aleksovski. Slikarki, kiparki in ilustratorki s sorodnim minimalističnim in intuitivnim vizualnim izrazom v svojem prvem skupnem projektu skozi specifičen vizualni dialog iščeta medsebojne stične točke ter raziskujeta vprašanja osebne in kolektivne identitete, njune kompatibilnosti, izkušnje nostalgije, (ne)pripadnosti in odtujenosti, naposled tudi, kako so obravnavane tematike izoblikovale njuni umetniški praksi.

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