Like its numerous European models, the Ljubljana Art Weekend initiative aims to bring together organisations and institutions, galleries, museums and project spaces dedicated to the presentation and promotion of contemporary art, thus contributing to the consolidation of the local art scene and promotion of its plurality and vitality. With a wide-ranging programme that includes presentations by local and foreign artists, we aim to lay the foundations for discussion and dialogue, while giving a diverse audience from different backgrounds the opportunity to get to know the continually growing and tireless contemporary art production. 

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RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE in a collaboration with Cukrarna.


Founder & Director

Piera Ravnikar

Executive Producer

Eva Simonič


Rok Mar

Mario Zupanov

︎︎︎Selection committe members

Cukrarna Gallery

Alenka Gregorič

Artistic Director

RTV Slovenija

Maja Kač

Culture Editor for MMC RTV

Galerija Fotografija

Barbara Čeferin

Director & Founder

City of Ljubljana

Mateja Demšič

Head of the Department for Culture


Piera Ravnikar

Director & Founder

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